CAAAB awarded grant to expand in-house technology assistance

Most of the micro businesses CAAAB services are either not technologically savvy or don’t have access to technology devices. Some of them have never used a computer. These gaps make it extremely challenging for CAAAB to efficiently and effectively help these businesses put in place business practices and processes.

Seeing this as a huge need for its clients, CAAAB applied for the Gateway to Opportunities Micro Investment Grant which it won! This grant will allow CAAAB to purchase computers to be placed at its training site so that businesses had easy access to computers, and for CAAAB to provide in-house technology training to its clients.

This grant was part of the St. Louis Microfinance Week sponsored by the Citi Group and the Incarnate Word Foundation. The award was voted and announced at the St. Louis Micro Finance Conference held on October 13, 2011. Sponsors, participants, and conference attendees voted for displayed organizations using text messages.

CAAAB was among three out of 20 participating organizations to win this award.

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