CAAAB business consulting for small and disadvantaged minority businesses: Model Evaluation

Specifically targeted to small and disadvantaged minority-owned businesses, the Small Business Capacity Building or consulting program provides them with specialized expertise and targeted consulting and training to hone and sustain their businesses.  The long- term goal of the program is to expand the market share of this business group and spur economic growth.

The Small Business Capacity Building Consulting model is based on the relationships and trust CAAAB has built with this business group over the years.  The model is also built on CAAAB’s frequent one-to-one interactions with business owners about the challenges they face, focus group meetings, and established best practices. CAAAB has developed partnerships with various local support service organizations and business consultants to implement this program.

To further validate the model, a group of graduate students specializing in social and economic developtment at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri evaluated the model. Below is a pdf version of the report:

CAAAB Consulting Research Report

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