CAAAB Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a member of/contributor to the Center?

Your membership/contribution will strengthen CAAAB’s ability to achieve its mission and thus provide for a more vital African American business community.  CAAAB will assist you in the growth and development of your business. A strong CAAAB membership base will foster a stronger community for all.

How will my membership fees/contributions be used?

Your membership fees/contributions will be used to support CAAAB’s focused efforts to:

  • Serve as a clearing house for community resources and support;
  • Focus on a few companies each year and take them to a new level of development and growth;
  • Provide a holistic approach to securing multi-functional resources and support for its client business;
  • Offer fee based services to engender the attention and commitment of its client businesses, i. e., assistance in developing funding proposals and identifying lenders/investors;
  • Provide mentoring and technical assistance through the involvement of a broad network of affiliated groups, including faith-based organizations;
  • Serve as an economic development effort focused on businesses owned by African Americans and other disadvantaged groups, including faith-based organizations.
  • Serve as an incubator for businesses (including African American and other disadvantaged groups) in the St. Louis and metro East Illinois regions.

What benefits do I receive for my membership/contribution?

All business owners who pay the $250 membership fee to join the Center will receive the following benefits (based upon availability):

  • Access to the resource office for library, computer bank and business development assistance.
  • Administrative support for word processing, PowerPoint, etc., fax and copying (additional charges may apply).
  • Opportunity to participate in mentor/mentee program.
  • Clearinghouse to other business support/technical assistance service organizations available in the St. Louis region.
  • Priority for office space in the resource office
  • Access to CAAAB networking events
  • Opportunity to serve on a CAAAB committee.
  • Solidarity with other African American owners.

What goals will my membership fee/contribution assist in accomplishing?

  • Increase economic growth and wealth accumulation for families in the St. Louis metropolitan community, with a focus on African Americans and other disadvantaged groups.
  • Develop a new generation of interdependent and talented young business leaders committed to neighborhood stabilization and growth

How do I become a member of or make a contribution to the Center?

Simply download the attached application and return it with your check to CAAAB at the address on the application.